Alternatives To Orthodontic Braces

This article provides you with several options to consider if you want to do away with your braces but continue to manage the treatment to straighten your teeth.

If you want to flash a smile to show off those perfectly white teeth, you need to invest much to achieve it and maintain it. Sorry to say, brushing your teeth is not enough, especially if you are born with imperfect structures. You might say that you don’t want to suffer the weight of having to keep a few pieces of metal inside your mouth. Well, that’s no issue because nowadays, there are a lot of alternatives to orthodontic braces that you might want to consider.

Straighten Your Teeth Invisibly

There is an option in the market that helps you straighten your teeth in a not so obvious way. This alternative to braces is called Invisalign. You will be wearing a clear type of retainers or aligners that are custom made for your jaw patents. Yes, they are invisible so it’s not visible when you face other people or smile in pictures. The catch is, you have to replace them every 2 weeks with a $5000 value on the maximum. You may want to see your dentist and thoroughly examine your dental structure as this type of remedy may not be for you.

Replace The Dullness and Straighten Your Teeth With Veneers

If you have less complicated dental structures, Veneers may be just the thing you might want to try out to straighten your teeth. This will not leave you with brackets or rickets on your teeth. Instead, you will be wearing a thin type of porcelain that is shaped like a tooth on your tooth after the tooth enamel is removed. Veneers provides you a faster solution to teeth straightening and replaces the dullness, protect your teeth against chipping and cracking, and hide imperfections like cracks. They cost about $700 to $2000 per tooth, depending on the type of material used. A price well spent to avoid braces on your teeth for years.

There is a thinner version of this material and they actually call it Lumineers. You can get it at about $1,100 per tooth without the removal of enamel and other forms of drilling that can be included when you opt for Veneers.

Clear Braces In Replacement For Metal Ones

Clear braces are also something you can opt to invest in instead of the usual metal ones. After checking with your dentist and finding out that the other dental procedures will not work to help straighten your teeth, you can try Clarity braces. They are made out of ceramic material that is also translucent. It’s more expensive that the traditional braces but it will appear unnoticeable and will not leave you with stains or discoloration on your teeth due to their material.

Faster, Stronger, More Convenient Approach To Braces

If you want a shorter period of time to treat your dental issues, you may opt to invest in SmartClip braces. Unlike the traditional braces, you need not have those elastic bands on your teeth. You just need to clip on the small metal devices onto the brackets to secure the wires on. This is perfect if you don’t have time to visit your dentist as it will not require you to have frequent visits.