Body Language Interpretations

It is important that you will notice the signals people send to you using their body. Body language interpretation is an important social skill method that people use to know each other more. Some may be able to read such acts in a natural way, while some may be able to interpret body language from its notoriously oblivious manner shown. This article is all about body language interpretations, about how it is done. With little practice in discerning the meaning of these actions, you can learn more about reading body language.

The Distance

It is important that you pay good attention how close somebody is to you when you are alking. The closer people are to you when you are talking, the warmer they appear. If you will move a few distance away from them, they may move closer or move a bit farther. If they move a bit farther, it may mean that they do not want to interact with you than further. However, if they do not move farther, then this may mean that they are still receptive. If the guy/girl you are talking to moves closer, this could mean that they feel very comfortable when around you.

Head Languages

Tilting the head too much could be a sign that somebody is giving sympathy for you. If the guy/girl puts in a smile when he/she tilts her/his head, then this could mean that they are flirting with you/being playful in their conversation

Lowering the head may also indicate that somebody is hiding something. Take careful attention if the guy/girl lowers his/her head. It should be taken into account, that the lowering of the head in some cultures can be seen as a sign of giving respect to somebody. If the person cocks his/her head when talking to you, this could mean that they are challenging you. It all depends on the gestures made by their eyes (eyebrow) and their mouth.


When somebody crosses their arms, it could mean that they are closing any kind of social influence from you. It should be taken into account and careful consideration that some people just cross their arms when talking as a form of a habit. But generally the crossing of the arms is a sign of being uncomfortable, being reserved or being secretive. If their feet and shoulder are very wide apart while crossing their arms, this could mean that they are trying to impose a position of authority or toughness in your conversation. If the person puts their hands to their hips, then this could mean that they are getting very impatient or are just very tired of the conversation at hand.

More Arm Signals

Rubbing hands together or touching a body part while making a conversation may indicate that they are trying to comfort themselves. Rubbing a nose, or playing with their hands means that they are not enjoying the conversation you two are having. If they rest their upper extremities behind their head or neck, then it could mean that they are open on the topic being discussed at hand. Resting arms behind the head is a sign of a laid back attitude.