Celebrities And Their Bizarre Personalities

This article is about celebrities and their weird behaviors and actions.

You idolize them. You even think or believe that they are perfect. Well guess what, they are not. They are humans, like you. Here are some of them and their bizarre personalities.

Angelina Jolie

Celebrities are also entitled to have weird palates like eating bee larvae and crickets. Angelina Jolie is one of them and surprisingly, she also loved eating cockroaches.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one heck of a weird billionaire. He hates showers. Yes. Showers. He even once went into an all fruit and vegetable diet with the belief that this practice will eliminate his need for a shower.

Victoria Beckham

Posh is so addicted to her skin that she can go limitless when it comes to keeping it beautiful and clean. She puts nightingale poop cream on her face which she said miraculously cured her acne issues.

Katy Perry

Katy keeps at least 20 new and unused toothbrushes on hand because of her fear of fillings brought about by her experience of having 13 cavities at one time as a kid. So now, she brushes her teeth and cleans them six times in a day. She is truly anal about this because she likes good breath.

Jennifer Aniston

This celeb has a superstitious habit when boarding a plane. She puts her right foot first every time she is required to fly for her film works and has followed this habit for years now. So before the flight, she goes on using her right foot first as she walks in to the plane and taps the exterior of the airplane for luck and custom.

Salma Hayek

The actress gave birth to her daughter in 2007 and revealed that she is now addicted to breastfeeding. She didnít care if she cried or if she was fat; she was supposed to do it for a week more which became a month when she saw how much good breastfeeding was to her daughter and then she just canít stop.

She also admitted that it was painful to breastfeed and that breastfeeding sheds post-pregnancy pounds is a hoax.

Olivia Munn

Some people bite their nails but Olivia Munn pulls her eyelashes out. She said it doesnít hurt but it really annoys her that every time she runs out of her house she needs to stop and buy whole fake eyelashes sets. The actress also admitted that she suffers from social anxiety and that she doesnít want anyone to bully her. Olivia Munn even thinks that she canít have a child because of too much anxiety. She has this massive fear of being a bad parent and something may happen to her child or her child becomes a jerk.

Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth collects quarters. She is fixated on accumulating as countless as possible. Even she herself finds it weird that she does that and obsesses on hoarding these coins. She recalls that this habit may have been triggered way back when she needed to do her laundry and it wasnít easy getting change in New York so she started saving quarters.