Cities worth Traveling to While You’re on a Budget

The world is a large place, but there is a way for you to make it seem smaller. You can do it by traveling. There is really no better way to see and experience all of what the world has to offer than by traveling from one great place to another.

Traveling also delivers something unique as far as the experience it provides is concerned: every place that you go to is a unique experience in itself. The diversity and the uniqueness offered by every city and place out there are amazing and every traveler should take full advantage of it.

If there is one thing that might prevent you from exploring the world, it could be your financial situation. Budget will always play an important role in traveling, whether it is halfway around the world or simply a few cities away. Your travel budget is one of the things that you really need to plan for and consider.

You might want to learn about the best cities to go to while you are on a tight budget. There are, in fact, many places that you and other travelers could go to even if you don’t have a lot of money for it. Going to such places only require you to make careful plans about the things that you need to do in your trip.

Here are some of those places :

Athens, Greece

Greece is likely to come off as a surprise to anyone who is going to view this list. The very mention of the name of this country might not immediately give any thoughts of being affordable and easy on the budget. But the attractions of Greece are very real and are almost self-explanatory already. Going there is like going on a quest to ancient where myths and legends come true. At least, that’s what the place reminds people. The truth though is that the country is on the road to recovery after undergoing several years of conflict and internal conflict. The country also relies very heavily on tourism for its economy. As it rebuilds and tries to attract back tourists, Greece is surely going to offer lower prices for people to enjoy their ancient and storied ruins as well as the numerous famous beaches it offers.

Lisbon, Portugal

For any traveler who is mindful of visiting a beautiful place that has much to offer than just plain scenery and combine it unexpected affordability, Lisbon, Portugal is an exceptional choice. This city presents an option that is brimming with the following: beautiful and even picturesque streets, friendly local population, and activities that are easy on the wallet. Lisbon lies on a series of hills, adding to its great beauty even more. Beauty and budget really come hand in hand here as a report by Prices and Earnings feature a survey of 72 cities and saw that the mid-range hotels in the city of Lisbon are the most affordable. The average rate per night for those hotels is at $80, which is about half the average all over the globe. That’s quite a considerable difference and one that is not lost on travelers looking to go to Lisbon.

Indian Cities

Travelers who are on the lookout for the unusual and the exotic could look to India to find what they are looking for and more. The only issue about traveling to India that tourists might have is that the airfare could be a little bit higher, especially for those tourists who are going to come from the United States. But the major compensation is that once in India, the traveler would find that he could enjoy the following: affordable accommodations, favorable exchange rate, affordable dining as well as shopping destinations, and numerous free attractions.

A report made by Prices and Earnings places Delhi and Mumbai, both top destinations in India, among the most affordable major cities in the world. This is very significant, particularly when you look at how the prices of food, various services, and all kinds of products are in India relative to other countries. There are some serious issues about India that travelers should keep in mind before deciding to go there, notably the issues about violence against women and safety.

Manila, Philippines

The Philippines is a destination that has much to offer in terms of affordability and breathtaking nature. Travelers’ spending power is certainly magnified there and there is no shortage of great bargains and awesome places and food to eat. And with its breathtaking natural resources, those who love to appreciate nature and have great outdoor experiences could also have their fill. The Prices and Earnings report by the CIO Wealth Management Research stated that the Philippine capital of Manila features some of the most affordable shopping choices as well as the some of the most upscale choices as far as dining is concerned.

Here are a couple of great examples of that – if you are going to dine in a nice restaurant that offers a three course meal, expect to pay only $18 on average, which is significantly lower in most other countries all over the globe; a new wardrobe could be obtained for less than $500, which is several times lower than what it would cost in a city like Tokyo. The Philippines might still be in the process of recovering from super typhoon Haiyan, but don’t let that discourage you from making a visit. And especially since most of the country’s most renowned vacation spots were not damaged or affected at all.

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania was once known as “Little Paris”, but over two decades of Communist rule under Nicolae Ceausescu has dimmed that reputation quite a bit. Any place that has to deal with such circumstances are sure to bear some weight and show some scars from its past. The good news with Bucharest is that it is slowly but surely recovering and its appeal is once again luring tourists back to it. Those who want to go to a place that is affordable and yet presents upscale choices cannot go wrong here. Imagine getting a luxury accommodation for only $190 a night, which makes it one of the most affordable cities where you can stay in a five-star hotel. Now that’s affordability and luxury merged as one.

Prices and Earnings reports that Bucharest is the most affordable city as far as getting a complete weekend getaway is concerned – the deal includes accommodations, public transport, meal including wine, car rental and extras. And all of that for only $370 makes it so much cheaper than a similar stay in a place such as Paris and other comparable cities in the world.

Mexico City, Mexico

For US residents who love to travel, going to Mexico is very advantageous. First off, it is so easy to find affordable flights from the US to Mexico. And the expenses, once there, certainly seem very low compared to other cities in other countries. The value of a traveler’s money is certainly magnified when in Mexico, rather than when in other countries. The average rate for staying in a five star hotel in Mexico is a mere $210 every night.

Those are just some of the places that you should consider when you are travelling on a budget. There are many other cities that are affordable and you should do some research first to find out other destinations. Keep in mind that two of the biggest costs are air-fare and hotel accommodations.