Comparison of Different Hair Removal Treatments

If you have hair growing in most parts of your body, you may have considered and underwent a few treatments to remove them. You probably have stuck with the most painless and time saving of them all, depending on your preference. The question for you now is, is it worth it? You may want to explore a few more methods to ensure that you get the most out of it and end up with lesser hair and lesser growth, too.

Itís always best for you to compare the various types of hair removal treatments to find out if you can get your hair to grow slower so it can save you time and effort, and of course the effectiveness of the actual results it can provide you.

Laser Hair Reduction Is Like A Snap Of A Rubberband

The laser treatment is used for mostly anything Ė from giving you a smoother glow on your skin to whitening your teeth. Well, it can be used to also help you remove your hair from your body. The laser will not completely remove your body of the hair, rather it will reduce it by making sure to target the dark pigments on the hair follicles. Since hair grows everyday on various pores, you might still grow new hair despite removing the longer ones. Thus, itís advised to schedule appointments on a week to week basis to follow up on complete removal. Also, the part where they will target the laser should be shaved and cream should be applied on the whole of your leg to numb it to lessen the pain. It will snap like a rubber band does to your skin but that will be the worst case scenario.

A Visit To The Salon To Wax It All Off

Hot wax on your leg and other parts of your body is not that uncommon. Itís a known type or hair removal treatment that has been used by a lot of people, including celebrities. The salon personnel will perform a hot wax strip wherein you will not feel a thing once itís pulled off. Shock maybe, yes, but not pain.

At Home Waxing Treatments Are Easier And Perhaps More Painful

You can also try some do it yourself hair removal treatments that can be purchased at the pharmacy. There are cold and hot wax treatments, the type you see at the salons. These items have instructions on how to go about it on your own. You might feel more pain with the cold wax strips and since you might miss some parts of your body that need to be covered, you have to redo a few of the areas, which causes more pain. The box costs about $6 to $8 and if you want to cover your whole body, you will need about 20. A big disadvantage is the ingrown hairs that will cause pimple like bumps on your skin

You probably have heard of Nair. The popular foam you leave on your leg for a few minutes and just wipe it off. This is surprisingly more effective and more convenient to use. You will experience that your body will be hairless and smoother, as well. Plus, it does not hurt that much.


Shaving is the last resort you might want to turn to. Itís true that itís the most inexpensive type of method, but it can cause more bumps and cuts and razor burns. The problem is shaving does not last long. You will experience hair growth daily after shaving so the tendency is for you to shave every day.