Dermatology and Vampire Facelifts

Looking your best feels like an endless job of putting on creams and moisturizers on your face, having enough sleep and eating healthily just to feel good about yourself. You feel like you need some divine intervention just to have that young glowing skin that celebrities have been sporting.

Unfortunately, the most recent skin fad is not in a container or a cream. It is right within you and you need a vampire to take it out.

What is it?

It’s time that you meet the Vampire Facelift wherein you use your very own blood to recharge your skin with youth and unblemished complexion. Yes, it sounds quite different but it is a highly regarded scientific dermatological method which means you need a vampire „a dermatologist” to do it.

Kim Kardashian’s Procedure

Who wouldn’t have heard of Kim Kardashian and her vampire facelift? It looked disturbing because the discomfort is obviously there but in the end, she said that it was all worth it. Would you also have done the same procedure? They call it vampire facelift because of all the blood entailed. Yes, it can be quite misleading because it also uses facial fillers.

Why do it?

The main objective of the procedure is to even out wrinkles and fine lines on your face by the dermatologist drawing blood from you and thinning it with a spin in a centrifuge for the removal of the platelets which will then be injected back into your face together with fibrin.

The outcome involves thicker collagen that fills out your face, thus evening out wrinkles and reducing your skin’s thinness. Most dermatologists actually believe that plasma injected into your skin stimulates the growth of a new set of cells for a more younger-looking appearance in just a little time.

How is it done?

This treatment uses your own blood especially the platelet-rich plasma to enhance your appearance and make it youthful. To start the treatment, blood will be drawn out from you and it will be synthetically combined with hyaluronic acid fillers to stimulate the growth of collagen within your face making you look naturally young for longer periods of time.

Though facelifts have secured their place, processes like these are not in actual fact a remedy to the consternation of aging. Cosmetic surgery can do away with excess skin for a new and younger you. Nevertheless, it can also be a contributing factor to flopping of the face as your skin expands closely around the bone making you look like a skeleton.

The Fillers

Although many experts believe that the fillers should not be used in the eye area, many are still continuing to do so. This injection can make you look like you are from a different planet and it cannot perk up your skin tone or the texture of your skin.

The vampire facelift is a personal choice which depends on what your aims are. If you wish to renew your facial appearance and look younger, it definitely comes with a price. The procedure can be painful but in the end you may get the appearance that you want to have.