Explanations On Why The World Didn’t End On December 21, 2012

Every year, there are several versions of the world ending that you might read in magazines, read in newspapers, and find in any other forms of media. There are about 20 people claiming that the world will end as we know it, and at one point, you might have believed it will. You can count all the several versions like balls of fire, earthquakes, rain of ice, and the seas rising. The most popular and most recent you might have heard, so far, would probably be the world ending last December 21, 2012. As like would have had it, you are still here. Alive and well.

How Come The World Did Not End As They Predicted?

There are a lot of things that you might have heard that actually made sense and could be possible. However, things like the end of the world 2012 had been thought of as impossible to happen. You might find the explanation of why the world did not end on December 21, 2012 can be separated into three categories: geographical explanation, hearsay, and the popular predictions of the ancient times.

Geography Has Proved That The World Cannot End Just Yet

The thought of having a shift in the earthís magnetic capabilities has been a root cause of these findings. It seems that earth gradually flips at the poles, exchanging energies between the north and south poles. The result? Well, if youíve see those armageddon and meteor disaster movies, that would be it. Well, itís not close to happen. The magnetic fields that protect the earth actually decrease over time but it canít happen overnight. In a thousand years or so maybe, but not today.

You probably may have encountered reports of the sunís spots increasing in 2012 that may cause sun storms and impact the earthís atmosphere. This happens every twenty two years. So, if you come to think of it, you were not much affected 22 years ago, and 44 years ago and years before that. So itís safe to say that you can still encounter another event 22 years from now and in the future years, too.

The Grapevine Of The World Ending Is Caused By People Who Do Not Know Better

The interpretation of bible texts, scriptures, and earth movements are something that you also may have heard about and probably have considered. These are provided to you by people who scribble figures to convince you that they are experts and have been given a great hidden knowledge that they find hard not to share to you. These caused a media frenzy most of the time, and the most exciting thing of all is that you have to pay a few bucks to know the real story. So why pay much if you must know to save yourself from the end of the world? Makes sense?

Prophecies That Have Been Retold Over And Over

Nostradamus and the Mayans have both a lot of descriptions about the world that you may have studied in literature or liberal arts. Still, it does not seem that these can be interpreted accurately since most of the interpretations that you hear vary in their structure and their end meaning. Besides, if you look closely at Nostradamusí writings and the Mayan calendar, it will appear vague and complicated, thus the meaningful (or meaningless) forms of interpretation are born.

In all honestly, your world has been attacked by meteors, suffered global warming, experienced tornadoes, hurricanes, the ice age, and even a planet collision. Your earth still stands. So that explains why the earth did not end last December 21, 2012. Your earth has not ended, it will not yet. Not for a very long time.