Going Vegan: How To Keep On Track

This article tackles on the transition and advantages of being a vegan and hot to keep track of your health and progress.

More researches have been released regarding the benefits of an all-plant diet which makes it easier and more motivating to be a vegetarian or vegan.

Vegans and vegetarians are being stereotyped as having an uninteresting diet. Including animal meat and products in your diet doesnít necessarily label it as balanced or diverse. Actually, it is contradictory.

Most vegans and vegetarians would testify to discovering more variety of food as well as a large variety of scrumptious food options.

Vegetarian VS Vegan

Vegetarians include plants and no animal meat to their diet. Others also consume eggs and dairy products. On the other hand, vegans have the strictest form of vegetarian diet. It does not include all food products and byproducts from animals. They have their own versions of food without any animal ingredient including cake, ice cream, pastries, cookies as well as gravies that taste just like the real thing. Vegan food is just as tasty and contains no saturated fat and cholesterol. This food option is just the same without the animal cruelty, healthier and has an environment-friendly production flow.

The Protein Issue

Yes, you do need protein; but, numerous health studies have concluded that too much protein, specifically from animals, causes too many problems. It can damage your kidney and cause calcium, B Vitamins, Magnesium and Zinc leach from your body. Moreover, too much protein is linked to osteoporosis, obesity, cancer and heart diseases. The point here is that too much protein puts your health in jeopardy.

However, our body still needs protein in moderate amounts. Protein is in fact deemed to be one of lifeís building blocks and every living thing contains protein in various amounts. Vegetable, beans, fruits, legumes and grains, if incorporated in your diet, can provide more than enough protein Ė without the added saturated fats and cholesterol, chemicals, antibiotics, sulfuric substances, steroids, etc., that is common in animal sources.

Calcium For Strong Bones

Dairy products contain protein from animals. Osteoporosis is being linked to excessive protein consumption along with an inactive lifestyle. Dairy as well contains hormones, antibiotics, steroids, pesticides and chemicals including perchlorate and dioxin.

Alternatively, fruits and vegetables are a good source of minerals such as chromium, manganese, magnesium and selenium in higher amounts and better value. They are also rich in boron which lessens calcium loss with urine, in contrary to animal calcium. Plants are rich in calcium that can be readily absorbed by your body and this includes molasses, quinoa, green leafy veggies, soy products, broccoli, chickpeas, grapefruits, cereals and grains, seeds, red beans, raw nuts and a lot more.

Going Vegan

Turning vegan can be as easy as avoiding dairy and animal products and byproducts. Animal byproducts include glycerin, gelatin, casein, cochineal and whey just to mention a few. You can instead stash in fruits, vegetable, beans, rice, oats, seeds, flour and various grains among others.

Cook your own meals. Make it even more fun by engaging your friends and eat what you cooked together. There are lots of vegetarian recipes online as well as cookbooks. Plus, it is always easy to ďveganizeĒ a favorite dish with alternatives. For instance, a recipe requires eggs, you can alternatively put in egg replacements; for milk, soy milk is a common replacement. Butter is commonly replaced with margarine and meat in tacos with texturized vegetable protein.

Moreover, a vegan version for whipped cream, cheese, gravy and frosting is also available. Even chocolate without milk and ice cream and ice cream sandwiches in assorted flavors!

Itís more fun and healthy being a vegan, right?