Historical Sightings Of Werewolves

Werewolves are one of the famous creatures of the occult. They are portrayed in various movies as shape shifters and hold a certain rivalry with other creatures. In different series and movies, they portray various characters ranging from ruthless to people friendly. Werewolves were believed to have ravaged a whole village not unless they are offered a daily sacrifice for their own consumption. Their main weakness is silver and any attack using this metal result in their death. Most people believe that wearing a silver pendant can protect them from the attacks of the werewolves. Several sighting of werewolves have been recorded into history.

The Massacre Of Bedburg, Germany

In the late 16th century the village of Bedburg, Germany was slaughtered by a werewolf. It killed with ruthless morbidity, not sparing the women and children. A man named Peter Stubbe, was believed to be the werewolf of this village. Stubbe was a family man, with no known criminal history. There have been reported killings of cattle and other livestock. It became worse until women and children began to disappear from their homes, only to find their lifeless corpses the next day.

It was believed that Stubbe did not literally transform himself into a wolf but claimed that he was given a magic cloak and belt by the devil to transform himself into a gruesome werewolf whenever it was worn.† When he took the belt off, he would return to his normal state. During his so called „werewol” state, he killed the women and children. He would devour their flesh and their vital organs.

The Bray Road Beast

In the early 1970’s, the bray road beast was said to be a historical sighting of a werewolf. A young woman was driving across a highway along with her child, when suddenly a huge creature pounced in front of them. The woman immediately ordered her child to lock the car. The woman started the car and immediately drove away from the beast.

Delphos Wolf Girl

In a small town of Kansas, a wolf girl was believed to be the cause of several killings of livestock. She was described to be a blonde girl with dainty features and can ravage an entire population when transformed into a werewolf. They dubbed her as the „wolf girl” but no traces of her can be found in the modern times today.

Wisconsin Werewolf Sightings

The Wisconsin werewolf sightings happened in the early 1930’s, there were four documented werewolf sightings in which the paranormal creature did not cause any harm.† The werewolf was described as a man beast, which walked on two legs and had extremely large claws. They also has big yellow glaring eyes which shone against the moonlight.† These descriptions served as the early form of description of werewolves in old school movies.

Are These Sightings Real?

We may never know for sure if these sightings are indeed real or not. In earlier times, lack of technology accounted for more tales of the occult. Historical sightings serves as a part of history or a documentation of a creature that have to be proved in actual existence.