Hormones That Affect A Person’s Happiness

This article is about your “happy hormones”, why they put you in bliss and how you can get more of these “happy hormones” into your system.

“happy hormones” normally includes serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine.


Serotonin heightens your mood thus making you more pleasant and friendly. A deficiency of it causes you to be irritable and depressed. So, to increase your serotonin level, always keep positive thoughts so your brain will produce more serotonin. Also expose yourself to sun rays. When UV rays from the sun reaches our skin, Vitamin D is stimulated which assists in producing serotonin. Thatís why being in the open makes people more contented and happier. Moreover, do simple exercises. Serotonins are products of aerobic exercises and linger in your body after even a simple exercise. Lastly, eat tryptophan-rich food such as corn and milk because your body will then convert these to serotonin with the aid of carbohydrates.


Endorphin is a short term for „endogenous morphine”, your bodyís innate painkiller. You produce endorphins whenever you do anaerobic exercises. When your muscles are depleted of glycogen due to rigorous exercises, endorphins let you continue thatís why you feel the blisters only after your actions. This is one way of increasing endorphins in your body. Another is eating spicy food. The receptors on your tongue respond to the flavor by sending pain-like signals to your brain. Consequently, endorphin production is triggered.


Oxytocin is considered a love hormone usually released upon bodily contact. During intercourse and childbirth, you release a large amount of oxytocin, even when you just hug someone. This hormone gives a feeling of trust and love which explains why you are so happy when you are in a relationship.

Enjoying a massage increases your level of oxytocin in the body. Your muscles are relaxed and your emotional well-being increases because of the lengthened bodily contact. Hugging family members, friends, putting an arm around your colleagues or cuddling while watching TV also increases oxytocin in your system. This is why huggers are happy individuals.


This pleasure hormone gets enthused every time you struggle towards an objective. It motivates you to take the plunge towards those objectives so you can feel the pleasure of the prize. Just setting your goals increases your dopamine level. Specific, attainable and measurable goals motivate you to strive and move forward because a life full of purpose can make you happy. Secondly, exercise with a goal. Dopamine is more likely to increase alongside serotonin when you exercise. Dopamine is linked to success; hence, setting a target time and distance will motivate its production.

Your Hormones and Your Happiness

You should be grateful as much as you can because you have these “happy hormones”. They wonít always be at their peaks, they deplete as we age. Nonetheless, it is good to discern that you area physically prepared en route for happiness with these “happy hormones”. Happiness is indeed not just an emotion and a decision, but a science; not just in our brains, but in our physiques.