How To Know If Your Child Is Autistic

Autism, by definition, is a mental condition in which one experiences a great difficulty in communication and forming relationships with people. Abstract concepts and language arts are also impaired in people affected with autism. The early detection of autism can help parents seek early intervention. As early as 12 months, autism can already be detected in a child by undergoing a series of tests.

A normal childís development skills upgrade from basic to complex. A child with autism degrades or halts its developmental skills. Learning, communication and social skills are impaired in a child affected with autism. Hallmark signs are often important to note because early interventions can be applied to children affected with autism. Developmental milestones are often halted and these can be very important to note.

No Expressions Of Joy And Positive Emotions

In the developmental stage of the child, a smile can be found in newborns and this will progress until it becomes an expression to portray positive emotions. But in children affected with autism, no expression can be found. These children display a blunt affect of emotions. There are no back and forth sharing of sounds and smiles with the child even after 9 months have passed.

No Babbling And Other Methods Of Communication

A childís developmental skills progress from basic to complex. Before a child can learn words, he/she has to start from babbling as a stepping stone. A child affected with autism does not babble or convey another meaning of communication.

No Non-Verbal Communication

As the child progresses into aging, their developmental skills also begin to progress as well. There is always a back and forth non verbal communication between the parent and the child. In autistic children, there is no mutual non-verbal communication. Pointing, waving and showing are not evident in autistic children.

No Word Are Formed By 16 Months

By 16 months, a child can already form his/her first words with two syllables such Da-Da or Ma-ma. Autistic children cannot talk nor verbalize what they want to convey. Expect that these children will not talk nor form words by the time they reach more than 1 year.

No Meaningful, Two Word Phrases Formed By 24 Months

When autistic children fail to form words at an early age, expect that they will not form two word phrases by the time they reach 24 months. No verbal communication is formed. By the time your child has reached this age, it is best to consult your pediatrician to let your child undergo a series of tests in which a child can be diagnosed with autism.


These hallmark signs should be noted and should not be taken for granted. A specific diagnostic test, the M-CHAT or the modified checklist for autism in toddlers can also be of great help. If all signs point out to autism, it is best advised to consult your pediatrician right away. He/she can provide the interventions needed and can even refer you to a developmental specialist.