Interesting Facts About Dyeing Your Hair

This article aims to inform you of certain facts you must be aware of regarding hair dyes.

Either you are using hair dye of just taking into consideration the use of hair dyes, here are a list of facts you should know first regarding hair dyes. After all, enlightening oneís self is the best protection against injuries.

Possible Effects Of Hair Dye To Your Pregnancy

Generally, it is not advisable to use hair dye when you are pregnant. The fumes are toxic and can be harmful to you and your unborn child. According to research, hair dye fumes are linked to cancer and infertility setbacks. In fact, studies show that it can even affect the fertility later in the lives of your children and even your unborn child.

The odor especially in a bathroom without ventilation can affect the baby as well as a nursing mother. They are just as vulnerable as pregnant moms.

The Effects Of Hair Dye To Fertility

Researchers advise to take time out from using hair dye chemicals if you are currently having fertility issues because not every single sign that you can experience from using hair dye is visible such as noxious hair loss.

A Hair Loss Incident

There was this case on toxic loss of hair due to hair dye, and it was later found out that it wasnít actually the hair dye chemical having a high concentration, rather, it was the metal components in the hair dye which reacted with the foil used while dyeing the hair. The reaction caused the hair to fall off.

Your Hair Dyeís Shelf Life

A hair dye product has a shelf life of approximately 3 years. Also, donít use the product if the box has been damaged or if any seal has already been broken on any of the containers in the set. Always check the date of the productís box and avoid using outdated hair dyes.

Also, if after mixing the dye turns black, there is a chance that the dye you have is old and could injure you. Usually, it takes 15 minutes for a dye to turn its color darker. Immediately discard the product. If you recently purchased it, you can take it back to your point of purchase for an exchange or a refund.

Avoiding Toxic Reactions

It is believed that using different hair dye brands can be detrimental to your hair because the ammonia and toxins from the first brand that is left on your hair may react with the different chemical concentrations that are from the other brand, when you apply it to your hair. This could potentially result to a toxic loss of hair.

An Unfortunate Fact

Majority if hair dye products tested for toxicity were determined as highly hazardous which means that they may contain ingredients directly linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity as well as irritation and ellergies of the lungs, skin and/or eyes.

Other Facts About Hair Dyes

It may be hard to believe but studies show that a brunette hair dye is more toxic than red and blonde shades. Different hair colors have different strengths. Temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes contain less toxicity when it comes to its chemical components compared to permanent hair dyes.