Strangest Trending Hairstyles

Using very unique styles in the hair is one of the fads of todayís fashion. You may want to think about the strangeness on how the hairstyle was done in the first place, the integrity of the hair needed for the style to be complete and the amount of time dedicated for the hair to stand on such a weird posture.

Nevertheless, good or bad, attractive or ugly, there are hairstyles all over the world that comes out as just strange. This article will orient you about the strangest trending hairstyles present nowadays. A neutral point of view is taken into account when talking about these hairstyles, but sometimes a negative remark may be stated. Take a few minutes or seconds of your time to learn about the strangest trending hairstyles there are.


There are plenty of stars and starlets that have strange hairstyle which offer too many swirls in their head. The swirl can come out here and there, left to right, top to bottom and many more. There are plenty of actresses who have long hairs who try out these styles. But whether they get points for creativity or minuses for being really bad at it, itís all up to the audience to see. You may judge the swirly here and thereís of these actresses as too much; like it has taken over their entire head, but you cannot deny the fact that they are interesting to see.


Braids are becoming more and more famous throughout the modern days of fashion today. We are able to see them being incorporated in the hairstyles of many adults and teenagers. Braids would not classify as weird or strange if we take a look at them in todayís fashion; but take into account that there are braid types of hairstyles that are really over the top. Have you seen the braided hair styles of Abel Xavier and Taribo West? They are just down right strange because you don’t see them every day.

Abel Xavier was a football player from Portugal. He has garnered enough fame for being a great defender, particularly in his games at Liverpool and Everton. Red and blue half of Merseyside were supposed to be his hair styles of choice, but he could not choose what he wanted between the two, so he used peroxide braids instead. You can look at Abel Xavier and his different hairstyles in the internet to see just how strange they are.

Taribo West is another world famous football player. He was a Nigerian defender who was famous for his Inter and AC Milan. But he gets even more famous for the weird hairstyle that he has. His hairstyle looks like a mixture between horns and a Chun Li inspired hair. His hairstyle was probably based on the horns of a ram because of them jutting upward like horns. You can take a look at Taribo Westís hairstyles in the internet to see just how weird they are.

There are plenty of football players out there who have weird hairstyles being incorporated in their fashion. Xavier and West are just two examples of them. There are also Bobby Charlton, Carlos Tevez, Beckham, Chris Waddle, Joe Cole, Paul Scharner and many more.