The Relationship Of Salt And Witchcraft

This article describes the relationship of salt and witchcraft and the belief or the folklore that surrounds it.

You might wonder why we have all the beliefs regarding salt and luck. Luck, as you would call it, is often associated with magic and witchcraft even during today’s times. You would often hear how spilling of salt is bad luck, will make you cry over something serious, and sometimes even protect you against bad omens or ungodly creatures of the night. If you spill or sprinkle salt on your doorways at night, you are said to protect yourself from any curse from witches in flight.

Salt is a significant compound that is used to sustain life on Earth. It had been once used a form or currency for exchange and a measure of how wealthy a person is. Today, salt is one of the most used compounds in medicines, commercially mixed spices, home remedies and the like.

Salt Is Actually Sacred For People Who Practice Witchcraft

There are several beliefs that you might be exposed to as oppose to those who actually practice the considered true form of witchcraft. You might have read that salt is not found in a witch’s cupboard or kitchen. This is considered false, as a person who practices witchcraft places salt on significant areas of her home.

You should know that for witches, salt stands for the universal element of the earth, the ground, in their rituals. This is because as in sciences, you are taught that salts are found on the ground forming crystals. This is the sole reason why you see a lot of witches’ altars with the sign of the pentagram formed through sprinkled salt. This is called ďgrounding.Ē The witches give thanks to the ground for the nourishment that it has provided them.

Salt Is Believed To Cleanse The Body And Purifies The Soul

You may know that salt was used to drive evil spirits away, not necessarily witches, but other spirits that haunt you. Witches believed that anything that troubles you can be driven away by sacrificing a few sprinkles of salt on an altar or on your pillow at night. You may also know the medicinal effects the salt has a disinfectant and anti-bacterial compound. Well, witches also admire these medicinal qualities which is why salt has been a primary ingredient in their healing rituals. It was also believed that salt purifies the body and objects. Perhaps, this is why witches are found to bathe in salt water or make sacrifices near the sea to purify their own bodies or as a form of thanksgiving.

Salt Decreases The Potency Of Poison

It has been said that we take everything with a ďgrain of salt.Ē This phrase means that we have to be cautious. This originated in the earlier times when they believed that taking poison with a grain of sale decreases its potency and increases your survival rate. This is true with witchcraft. Although you may not believe the power it can harness, studying it is best taken with a grain of salt. You can’t be too careful with the amount of knowledge that this ancient study can give you. Witchcraft can be dangerous just like poison, when we think we know too much, when in fact, we know too little.