The Significance Of Being Born On A Full Moon

Many specialists deny the relationship between the moon and your body. Just because something can’t or isn’t yet confirmed doesn’t mean it is not existent.

In some hospitals’ maternity wards and delivery rooms, they post more staff to be available especially on a full moon. It is quite fascinating that the moon may be affecting nature and humans and that there is a probable connection.

The Braxton Hicks

Technically, an expectant mother may feel pseudo signs of child birth during full moon. Contractions called Braxton Hicks which may or may not be noticeable to the mom become more distinct that most moms who feel this immediately go to the maternity ward believing that she’s going to have the baby. However, the mom either gets disappointed or relieved as she returns home with the pain gone and no cervical dilation.

The Hypotheses

These mothers on tenterhooks experiencing signs of child birth are also a reason why additional staff is posted on maternity wards; but, not as much as those women whose water, the amniotic sac, breaks.

Hypothetically, the moon’s gravity affects the amniotic fluid, or the ďwaterĒ, in the same way it affects the tides of the seas. Actually, there are published manuscripts regarding the relationship of the full moon and child birth. It was found out using statistical analysis across the lunar calendar that more babies are born between the last quarter and the new moon and lesser during the moonĎs first quarter. It was concluded in the study that there was a statistically significant difference between the distribution of births observed in the lunar calendar and the hypothetical distribution.

During labor contractions, the contractions itself applies pressure on the amniotic fluid causing it to burst out of the sac. During full moon, the pressure caused by the gravitational pull of the moon on the amniotic fluid inside the sac causes the bursting out of the water even without contractions. If this is the case, natural delivery doesn’t always take place and the obstetrician induces the delivery.

Some midwives even believe that planning a child’s birth should include the lunar cycle if you want to deliver your child normally and not induced by some medical practitioner. If there is a full moon near the time of the expected child delivery, there are big chances for your baby to be born on a full moon.