Things You Didnít Know About Skin Whitening Products

Whitening products have become a hot sell in the market because of their aesthetic benefits. Most Asian women bleach their skin to mimic the Caucasian look of being fair. Some African-American women use skin whitening products to lighten their skin tone. Skin whitening products have become a part of a billion dollar industry because of marketing and potential customers willing to achieve the best results of the product.

However, it is always best to be wary of these skin whitening products. Precautions are also implemented so that the skin will not suffer side effects. Skin whitening products provide results but it also pays to do research so that we can anticipate what needs to be done.

They Contain Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is used as a topical application to reduce the pigments of the skin. Hydroquinone has been directly linked to the development of pre-cancer cells. Always read the label of each skin whitening products before buying it.

They Require A Higher Number Of SPF

Skin whitening products which are applied topically can require you to add up on your sun protection factor. Skin bleaching can reduce the reduction of melanin. Melanin serves as a natural protection for your skin against the ultraviolet rays. Skin whitening products which are injected intravenously such as Glutathione, also require a higher number of SPF. Prolonged exposure to the sun defeats the purpose of its main objective to whiten skin.

Reduce Oil Production Of Skin

New skin whitening products such as skin whitening gels reduce oil production. This results in an easier absorption of the product with requiring another product to use. Skin whitening products serve a dual purpose in making the skin smooth and whitening it at the same time. Make sure to use the product in moderation though, dry skin can predispose one to the early development of wrinkles.

Some Contain Fruit Derivatives

Glycolic acid is a common component in skin whitening products which is FDA approved. It is organic in nature and does not cause any adverse side effects. Glycolic acid causes the skin to peel and slough off, resulting in a lighter and smoother skin appearance.

Increase Dryness Of Skin

Some products increase the dryness of skin such as skin bleaching products. A daily moisturizer is often advised so that the moisture of the skin will not be compromised. Excessive dryness also results to skin breakdown when an intervention is not applied.

Most Actually Work When Applied Religiously

Some get carried away by TV commercials and realize that they have unrealistic expectations of a product. Most products when taken orally, intravenously or applied topically actually work when done religiously. It may not be an extreme change of color, but you will notice the gradual lightening of your skin tone.


It helps to choose skin products wisely. Consult your dermatologist prior to purchasing a product. He/she can give a detailed fact about each skin whitening product and what must be done in order to achieve a result with any detriment involved.