Wardrobe Must-Haves For Every Teenager

Teenage girls and boys love the way their dresses are made up. As the teens ease their way into another school year basic must-haves for their wardrobes are essential. Take into account that teens always want to be able to fit in to the society. There are so many choices in terms of the wardrobe of a teenager that a parent may find himself or herself confused on the selection.

Brand also plays a major role in the wardrobe of a teenager. Famous brands give out a squeal and a wanting to a teenager, like Cotton Skin, Aeropostale and many more. However, no matter how famous or how good a wardrobe is, there has to be something in that wardrobe for a teenager to have. These must-haves for the wardrobes of a teenager are the basic pieces they need to carry to appear casual in a social event. These are must-haves are staples that every teen should have.

A single pair of dark and washed jeans accompanied by a buttoned down clear white shirt is one of the basic wardrobe wears of a teenager. You can even put up a pea coat to make your appearance better, or black khaki pants to replace those jeans. Ballet flats are also not a bad idea when it comes to wardrobe must-haves for every teenager.

Jeans are always good in the wardrobe of a teenager. For one thing, they will never be out of style. It is usually good for almost any kind of occasion. Jeans usually come in different shapes, forms and styles. We have the high cut, the loose, the ones that get slimmer as the jean parts go under, the low cut and many more. Jeans are a good semi-formal type of wardrobe and are almost welcome in a not too formal occasion. Perhaps the longest lasting jeans style is the classic Levi pair with a straight leg.

White buttoned down blouse is also a thing that ever teenager must have. Those things blend in quite well with other dress pants the likes of pencil skirts. They can even be mixed in clothing with your jeans or your UGG boots for a formal like flare. J Crew has plenty of nice buttoned down blouses at their selection. Their prices usually range from 35 dollars to 50 dollars.

Khaki pants or black pants are also another must-have in every wardrobe of a teenager. They are good clothes that give out a more formal, more regal air to you. You can wear them while going to church or special occasions in the school. You can even wear them on a formal date. Khaki or black pants can also be worn during funerals and band concerts. You can find these wardrobes almost anywhere in the neighborhood today.

A good pair of ballet flats that is black in color is also encouraged for a must-have in the teenagers wardrobes. You can wear them with a pair of skirts to look dressy and funky. You can even wear them with jeans to appear more casual with the combination. Ballet flats complete your wardrobe wears, and are a comfort to wear.